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Over the last few years third party sellers have grown on Amazon and now represent around 50% of total sales. With a growth rate of over 30% per year and a presence on various country-specific marketplaces, Amazon provides you with a perfect opportunity to increase your product sales and to reach new markets.
But you need to do this right to achieve the maximum returns…

Most Amazon Sellers have a plan in their head that they will build up their business and sell it in 3 to 5 years. That is an extremely viable proposition for lots of Sellers but only if their plan is structured, well thought out, and documented. One of the main issues that Sellers overlook is the accuracy and validity of their data. Sellers often start small and don’t get advice on how they should be presenting their figures and organising their compliance. At first, there may be a cost constraint. The motto from the beginning should be “start as you mean to go on” if your plan is to build and sell.

We have experience of Sellers who, when they come to sell their business, the biggest issue for the purchaser is the figures. Often, spread sheets are used and made up from wrong reports extracted from Seller Central. When a buyer carries out due diligence on your business, you should be able to give them a clean pack of management figures telling the story of why they should buy your business.
We can help, together with our partners to look at mapping your management accounts and creating a pack which will not only help you make better, informed management decisions on your business, they will also satisfy potential buyers. Other areas we can advise on to help you ready your Amazon business for sale are patents/trademarks, supply chain documentation, supplier contract agreements, overall compliance with VAT, advertising strategy, copy writing, and more. Get all these things right and the value of your business to a buyer will be much more. Even if you build your business and don’t plan to sell, these elements will help build it faster and increase your potential income from it.

Do any of the following apply to you?

Amazon offers a golden opportunity but it is not easy…

Issues You May Face:

Who do you turn to, if you experience problems in any of these areas? Well, you can use Google to try and find the answers that you need, but you will be very lucky to find really sound advice, based on experience.
You need an experienced Amazon consultant, to help you through the entire process and maximise your sales.

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